"I called it my life saver. I am soo so happy with this airbag vest, it has given me more confidence when riding, and I am waiting for the upcoming jumping lessons to approach without fear. I fell many times without pain الحمدلله because of it. It secured my back. I even bought extra gas just to be in the safe side, just incase if I fall again, I will not be worried about not having any gas cartridges."

Dana AlMutawa

"l recommended the vest to all my riders.I've been to a competition in France where riders cannot enter without a safety vest. It is an essential." 

Hamad AlDuwaissan

"I got asked a question in the summer: "when buying a car will you choose the one with or without an airbag?" I said of course the airbag one. He then advised to wear "Helite". It's like wearing an airbag while riding a horse. Highly recommended for your safety."

Ahmed AlMudahka

"After recovering from a big injury after a fall, I feel so much safer when riding in my vest. It has become a go to essential when riding! Also, I had to dismount quickly once when riding and the vest inflated so tried and tested It was super protective when inflated."

Alya AlKhalaf

“At first I wasn’t convinced to wear a protection vest, but thankfully I did. When I fell, the vest puffed up before reaching the ground. It felt like I fell on a pillow! I realized that wearing a vest is a must now!”

Noura AlMutairi

جاكيت هيلايت عبارة عن جاكيت يتحول 

الي ايرباغ في حالة سقوطك من الخيل

 لا قدر الله... الحلو فيه إنه 

خفيف جداً و ما يبين 

و قابل لإعادة الاستخدام.

أحمد المضاحكة

I’m so happy with my purchase; I wore the vest on all my rides during the summer and never felt safer. It was comfortable, light and gave me more confidence while approaching higher fences. I fell thrice, and I was completely unaffected. Before wearing the vest, my back used to spasm from the simplest falls. But now with this vest, it’s like I haven’t fallen. Wish you exhilarating yet safe rides!

Gheed Al Anjari

“After so many falls & injuries, it is important to be safe, to continue what we love & passionate about & keep on practicing. So I had a vest that was too heavy and too thick to ride with. Then, once i tried Helite Airbag vest from Maison.de.Cheval I overcame most of my fears. What’s great about this vest is that it’s very light, comfortable, easy to use & gives high protection for spine injuries, thats why its highly recommended. The most important rule in any sport is "Safety First".

Mona Al-Maidhan

"The BEST safety and confidence booster! 🤩"

" أفضل حافز للثقة !"

Nadia Al Mutawa نادية المطوع


Make the most out of your Helite vest through proper usage and maintenance. Video tutorials available below:

How to Install Saddle Strap

Helite Zip'In 2 Airbag Vest

How to Reactivate Airbag System